Everyone Loses With Increase in Ad-Blocking Use

Ad blockers are growing in popularity, and that could be a big problem for any business that relies on online advertising to pay the bills. A study published last week by Adobe and the software company PageFair revealed that 45 million active users in the United States use ad-blocking software — an increase of 48 percent in one year as of June. That’s about 15 percent of U.S. Internet users. In other countries, such as Poland, the...

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Study: Google’s Search Favors Its Own Products

When you go to Google for anything, be it a weather report or a phone number or an explanation of string theory, you assume that the top results will always be the very best. Those are, at least, the only ones you click: Studies suggest it’s a rare, rare Googler who bothers scrolling past search result No. 5. But according to a highly critical new paper out from legal scholar Tim Wu, Harvard Business School professor Michael Luca and...

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How to Avoid Scam Hotel Bookings

Pay attention or pay the price. That’s the bottom line on an online hotel-booking scam that’s recently caught the attention of a U.S. senator who has asked the Federal Trade Commission to look into these insidious schemes. This isn’t a new hoax, but it has recently come to the attention of Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, who has expressed his concerns in a letter to the FTC. In it, he noted that duplicitous third-party booking sites,...

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