Traditional Holiday Ads Move Online

Shortly before Hallmark would have traditionally launched its seasonal commercial heart-warmers, the greeting-card giant made a surprising confession: This year, for the first time ever, it would spend nothing on holiday TV ads. Instead, the struggling keepsakery will go all-digital, spending on cheeky YouTube ads and partnering with bloggers to sing the brand’s praises. It is also paying the photo-sharing app Snapchat to plaster...

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Car Defects Raise Doubts About Crash Convictions

Lakisha Ward-Green spent three months in jail after she lost control of her Chevrolet Cobalt, killing her teenage passenger. Last week, a Pennsylvania judge, citing “newly discovered evidence” erased her guilty plea. The new evidence: the February 2014 recall by General Motors of 2.6 million cars for defective ignition switches. Ward-Green, now 25, is part of a small but growing group of people caught in a Kafkaesque legal web...

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Health Industry Spent $19 Million Lobbying in Mass.

Boston — Hospitals, insurers, doctors, unions and pharmaceutical companies spent a record $19 million trying to sway Beacon Hill lawmakers last year, a reflection of the industry’s political and economic muscle and a rapidly changing health care landscape. In less than a decade, lobbying by the industry has nearly doubled from the $10.8 million spent in 2007, according to an Associated Press review of lobbying reports filed with the...

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