Consumer Confidential: More Help Is Needed to Stop Robocalls, Including Ones From eBay and PayPal

If you’re being driven crazy by robocalls, help may be on the way. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., has introduced legislation to strengthen the Federal Communication Commission’s ability to crack down on what’s become a high-tech pain in the tuchis. “These calls can be annoying or frustrating to many of us, but they can be much more devastating to those, especially seniors, who fall victim to them,” McCaskill said. Her bill would give...

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Consumer Confidential: Killing Robocalls Is Easier Said Than Done

Want to know who’s to blame for all those annoying robocalls during dinner? Nathan Kingsbury, that’s who. He was the AT&T vice president who signed his name to a 1913 letter pledging that the company would open its network to other phone services. The so-called Kingsbury Commitment settled an antitrust case brought by the federal government and paved the way for the modern phone system. “Because of Kingsbury, we were able to have...

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How London Man May Have Helped Trigger  ‘Flash Crash’

How London Man May Have Helped Trigger ‘Flash Crash’

New York — He operated from a modest suburban London home he shared with his parents, far from the city’s glamorous financial center. He used off-the-shelf software anyone can buy. Yet, if U.S. authorities are correct, Navinder Singh Sarao, 36, managed to send a jolt of fear through the world’s markets by helping to set off the 2010 “flash crash,” in which the Dow Jones average plunged 600 points in less than seven minutes. Just how...

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