Money Talk: Options for Changes to 401(k) Account

Question: I’m leaving my job later this month and am trying to decide what to do with my 401(k) account. Some of my friends say to leave it where it is, and others say to roll it into a traditional individual retirement account or Roth IRA. Which is best? Answer: You can’t roll a 401(k) directly into a Roth IRA. You would first need to roll it into a traditional IRA, then convert that to a Roth and pay the (often considerable) tax...

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Money Talk: Despite Rudeness, Pay Doctor’s Bill

Question: My primary care physician referred me to a gynecologist for a medical issue. I called the office three times and asked that the appointment be made as an annual exam. During the appointment, the doctor was rude and critical of my body and lifestyle. (I am obese.) I left the appointment in tears before it was over. Five months later, I got a $160 bill for the appointment. My insurance denied the claim twice, saying the doctor...

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Money Talk: Best Loan Repayment Plan? It Depends

Question: I have $105,000 in medical school loans with an interest rate of 2.875 percent. I have another consolidated federal loan at 6 percent. I’m making $180,000 in the private sector and like my job. Should I consolidate everything, try to get a public sector job, and apply for loan forgiveness after 10 years while paying as little as possible? Or should I accelerate my loan payments? I would be able to pay almost the full amount...

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