Money Talk: Explaining the End of ‘File and Suspend’

Dear Readers: Congress just killed the Social Security strategy known as “claim now, claim more later” that allowed married couples to boost their benefits by tens of thousands of dollars. The changes, which were part of the recent budget deal, also eliminated the option of getting a lump-sum payout if you suspended an application for benefits and later changed your mind. Today’s column will focus on those changes. Question: My...

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Money Talk: Investing Books That Have Stood the Test of Time

Question: I invest in real estate and have a secure pension, but I also have a managed stock account worth about $250,000 and would like to get more involved in investing that. Can you recommend some good books on how the market works and perhaps a couple of good middle-of-the-road websites? Everything I see is either overly bullish or bearish. Answer: The principles of sound stock market investing aren’t exactly “click bait” (Web...

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