Calorie-Counting App Helps Dieters

How’s that New Year’s diet going for ya? Yeah, I thought so. If you’re like most people trying to lose weight, you’ve been tracking calories, because research has shown that keeping a food diary is an effective weight-loss strategy. And you’ve also learned what a hassle tracking calories can be. First you have to know how much you’ve eaten: Was that three teaspoons or a half-cup, or two ounces? And then you have to know or find out...

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Money Talk: Mailed Tax Returns Need Tracking Number

Question: My CPA sent my completed tax return to my home address via first-class mail with no tracking number. The large envelope should have arrived in two days. Over a week has passed and it’s nowhere in sight. I am freaking out as it has all my financial data and is a gateway to fraud of every sort! The various post office officials have really done nothing to assist in its location. I have credit freezes at all three bureaus and...

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