APD Works to Revaccinate Children After Mishandling Doses

Lebanon — Upper Valley parents and health care providers continue to respond to the refrigeration lapses that compromised vaccines and prompted a revaccination program for more than 800 young patients at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital. The vaccine problems were announced in letters to parents of children who had received care at the hospital’s Robert A. Mesropian Center for Community Care. The letters, which were sent out Jan. 11,...

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APD Warns Of Vaccine Mishandling

Lebanon — More than 800 children received improperly refrigerated, and potentially ineffective, vaccinations for polio, hepatitis, measles and other diseases at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital during a 14-month period that ended Oct. 23, the hospital said Wednesday. The affected vaccines were not harmful, but may have offered diminished immunity to recipients, the hospital said. “To date, we have had no reports of any patients...

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