Consumer Confidential: Time Warner Cable Takes Baby Step Toward More Affordable Pay-TV Service

Dana Sutton is typical of many Time Warner Cable customers. It’s not that he dislikes the company’s services. He just doesn’t want so much of them. For instance, the $12.75 a month he has to pay for his cable box. “That seems high,” Sutton, 73, told me. Or the many, many channels he never watches. “I’d jump at the chance for a-la-carte channels,” the Los Angeles-area resident said. Could it be that Time Warner Cable feels his and...

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Consumer Confidential: Cutting the Cable Cord and Embracing a Digital Media World

I have seen the future, and it doesn’t have cable TV. Our house is undergoing some repairs, so we’ve been staying elsewhere for the past week. I’ve been using my tablet computer for online access to HBO, Showtime and the other premium networks that make up most of my TV viewing. And you know what? It hasn’t been the eye-straining, no-fun experience I’d been expecting. Watching movies and shows while kicked back on the couch, my tablet...

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Time Warner Deal Expected Today

Charter Communications is close to a $55 billion deal to acquire Time Warner Cable, a merger that would create a powerful cable and broadband Internet contender in an industry long lacking competition. The companies are expected to announce their proposed merger early this morning, with Charter agreeing to pay about $195 a share for Time Warner Cable — $100 in cash and the rest in stock, according to people directly familiar with the...

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