Hacking Into Your Fitbit

During a 2014 competition among Netflix employees to create potential new features, one group hacked into a Fitbit and created a “Sleep Bookmark” function, automatically pausing Netflix as the wearer started to fall asleep. Though used to create a function for the on-demand Internet streaming content company that might be appealing to late-night movie watchers, the competition showed the vulnerability of wearable fitness devices to...

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Solid Growth for Wearable Devices

In the three months leading up to the April release of the Apple Watch, the wearables market continued to show strong growth. The worldwide wearable device market recorded its eighth consecutive quarter of steady growth in the first quarter this year, with vendors shipping a total of 11.4 million wearables, according to research firm IDC. That was a 200 percent increase from 3.8 million in the year-earlier quarter. “Bucking the...

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