Student Who Rented Dorm On Airbnb Faces Punishment

Boston — College students have always come up with creative ways to pay tuition. They’ve been known to live off ramen noodles, and more recently, the loan-burdened but intrepid have tried crowdfunding their education. No wonder, then, that a sophomore at Emerson College recently attempted to get back a slice of the price he has paid by listing his Boston dorm room on Airbnb last month. According to the Boston Globe, 19-year-old Jack...

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Helping a Couple Escape Their Financial Trap

The couple had made every mistake you could: retired too early, spent too much, took on too much house and too much debt. “This is killing me,” Sarah told the adviser, as she burst into tears. Doug and Sarah had left their well-paying jobs in their late 50s, with little idea how they would pay for a long retirement. With anguished faces, they came to Eve Kaplan, an advisor in Berkeley Heights, N.J., for a solution. As a financial...

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