5 Habits That Could Help You Save Thousands

There is a good chance you have at some point in your life resolved to kick a bad money habit. Bu t instead of taking the negative approach, try to make a positive change by adopting a good money habit. That’s what these money experts did. Here are five money-saving tips they have incorporated to spend less, take control of their finances and save thousands of dollars. Put Purchases in Perspective Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, the...

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Money Talk: Beware Credit-Repair Rip-Offs

Question: I’m seeking help in reviewing my credit report and how to fix any issues. I am not financially distressed, but have FICO scores in the 675 range. Could you recommend someone I can hire to assist as I need to refinance a house I bought for cash? Answer: There’s so much fraud in the credit repair industry that you’re likely better off doing it yourself rather than exposing yourself to rip-offs. Credit repair companies aren’t...

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